my speech of when technology lets you down

Don’t you hate it when technology lets you down?  Well that what I'm talking about today. So you're on your iPad and you're on YouTube trying to find a funny comment to screenshot it.  5 minutes later you find a funny comment and you're about to screenshot it when you accidentally press the turn off button. It powers down and you're just watching there as failure is eyeballing you back and you're just like “why me though”. You finally power it up again , and you remember that you have homework and you're rushing because you need to hand it in by tomorrow. So you're doing homework and you're searching for information but then the internet dies! Dun dun dunnnnnnn. You then find the correct information but then it's lagging and then you're about to finish but your parents say “it's dinner time” and then you have to go to sleep.  Meaning of the story is technology is sometimes a big mess.


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